About us

A family-owned business specializing in landscaping since 1997, Ajara is on the lookout for market needs, aesthetic and ecological trends that meet environmental expectations and avant-garde architectural forms. The owners, Mr. Alain Lauzon, who has 38 years of experience in the field, and Mikael Gaudreau, are concerned about a job well done. This is why they accomplish each project with meticulousness and ensure to offer a quality service before and after sale by adopting a personalized relationship with each of their customers.

Efficiency, competence and high-level professionalism are three aspects that have allowed Mr. Lauzon to become, over the years, a leader in earthworks. The family-owned business only hires professionals who perfectly master the art of layout, laying paving stones, slabs and retaining walls, guaranteeing flawless work every time. Our specialists in paving stones, cemented borders and retaining walls are precise technicians who pay attention to details. If necessary, professionals are referred by Ajara so that its customers are guided towards an informed and experienced choice. Indeed, the company aims more for a business model of cooperation rather than competition with other landscaping companies who buy their products from it!

Ajara knows how to bring a property to life when it creates, renovates and builds to enhance borders, lawns, flowerbeds, sidewalks, driveways and backyards by exposing a pleasant, harmonious and ecological landscape. But above all, it is thanks to the reliability of the products used as well as the durability of its installations that the company can reveal, in the end, an impeccable result.