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Ajara - pavé uni, dalle et muret

Champlain slab

Champlain slab

Usual price $677.24 CAD
Usual price Sale price $677.24 CAD
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Small sizes, light and easy to install. Ideal for pedestrian surfaces.
Available in three different colors, it has a slightly bumpy surface, which gives it the appearance of natural stone.

Items are sold in whole pallets on the site. It is possible to buy our materials individually or by the ft2 in store. The displayed price includes the $35 deposit for a pallet.

A pallet contains 144 units.

CM: 4 x 29.5 x 29.5

Range: 19/16x115/8x115/8

*Sold individually in store: $4.46 or $4.82 depending on the color.

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