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Proma Quadra slab

Proma Quadra slab

Usual price $581.98 CAD
Usual price Sale price $581.98 CAD
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The Proma Quadra slab stands out for its colossal size 32×32″.

Items are sold in whole pallets on the site. It is possible to buy our materials individually or by the ft2 in store. The displayed price includes the $35 deposit for a pallet.

A pallet contains 12 units. Each unit covers 7.1ft² (0.66m²).

CM: 6 x 81.2 x 81.2

PO: 2 3/8” x 32” x 32”

*Sold individually in store: $45.58, $52.40 or $61.13 depending on color.

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