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Cleaning and sealant application:

Ajara offers its clientele the stone cleaning services and also repairs polymer sand. Remember that you can also protect or enhance the colour of your stones by applying a sealant. Please call us and set your appointment for a quote!


Without any commitment on your part, let our experts study your specifications in detail so that they can subsequently guide you in the choice of your products.


If you cannot visit us or simply can’t bring back your purchases to your home, it will be our pleasure to deliver your materials directly to your household. We will deposit them carefully as close as possible to the required place, which will allow you to start creating your project as soon as possible.


If time or knowledge is lacking, we can recommend experienced, trusted craftsmen to do the work for you. No matter the scope of your project, we will find the expert you need for a professional and guaranteed result!


We can drive to your home and guide you in the completion of your project. We charge $50 per visit which is refunded if you purchase our products!


You can demise your entire project to our experts down to the smallest details. Whether it involves building a deck in your backyard, excavating your lot or even asphalting a portion of your driveway, we can take care of managing each phase of your project and quickly deliver a finished product, according to your expectations.